Social Media Marketing is an important vehicle to advertise your company’s products and services. It also creates a public presence, brand awareness, and connects with your consumers.

Brains at Work brand managers are an excellent solution for managing your social media marketing accounts. While your small business does not likely need a full-time digital marketing specialist, it can use somebody who can generate content and interact with current and prospective clients. While you focus on your plan of action, we will help you maintain a healthy social presence. We will work with your company to outline and manage a forward-thinking strategy. We can assist you in a number of ways:

  • creating and managing social media profiles
  • designing and sharing social media content
  • scheduling social posts with social media management tools
  • integrating social media links with the company website
  • interacting with your audience and monitoring real-time audience engagement
  • monitoring and measuring analytics
  • regularly updating profiles
  • creating marketing campaigns
  • closely monitoring and analysing competitors’ campaigns



R500 setup

R400 p/hr maintenance 

Setup of a single social media platform

e.g Facebook

Social media integration with website 


R1 000 setup

R400 p/hr maintenance

Setup of any two social media platforms

e.g Facebook and Twitter

Social media integration with website


R1 500 setup

R400 p/hr maintenance

Setup of any three social media platforms

e.g Facebook,Twitter and Instagram

Social media integration with website


R2 500 setup

R400 p/hr maintenance

Setup of any five social media platforms

e.g Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

Social media integration with website


You will find that hiring a Brains at Work brand manager is one of the best moves that you can make to improve productivity, and to boost your marketing results at the same time. We are able to complete many of these time-consuming marketing tasks, and this can enable you to use your time more efficiently.

We can be hired to work on an as-needed basis on a specific campaign, or on a contract basis.

The online marketing methods we use to engage audiences are:

    • email campaigns
    • content
    • SEO
    • social media
    • guerrilla
    • dark arts


R1 500 P/M

For start-ups

3 Keywords

Location targeted

5 Pages optimised


R2 500 P/M

For Small business

6 Keywords

City targeted

Location targeted

10 Pages optimised

Medium website


R4 500 P/M

Established business

10 Keywords targeted

Local area targeted

City / province targeted

15 Pages optimised

6 Month contract


R12 500 P/M

Large enterprise

20 Keywords targeted

Local & region targeted

Province / Country targeted

40 Pages optimised

6 Month Contract


Contact us for additional packages and prices.




I look at building business as a creative process that I enjoy. ~ Chad Hurley

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