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The System
Majestic can loosely be described as “Salesforce meets Mailchimp meets Hubspot on steroids.” There are certain features of Majestic that no other system can do. Majestic is built as an API Core, which means integration is part of its DNA. This differs to most other systems which developed unnatural “bolt-ons” to facilitate integration.
Instead, our system is made up like a swarm of software instructions which can be shaped in any way you wish.Majestic is not therefore just customisable software, it is a different approach to business.

On top of its ability to integrate anywhere, there are three key components that are unique to Majestic3: PRIMARY: The Majestic “Journey” is a technique that we use to generate response rates 2000% higher than industry average. Journeys are a series of episodes which customers and prospects are taken through to dramatically increase lead generation and sales conversion rates. SECONDARY: We have a proprietary implementation methodology called Relationship > Data > Sale which provides the underlying implementation framework.
TERTIARY: Cross-Marketing Bridges allow us to bring clients together and then help them work with, and leverage each other’s databases to drive sales leads. This has extraordinary potential – there are only a handful of people and systems world-wide that even understand this concept, never mind being able to physically do it. The solution is fully opt-in, private and ethical. TECHNICAL USP: We have an API second to none.
What can Majestic do?
  • Majestic is a marketing and communications tool with access to bulk email, sms, fax, social media other communication touch points.
  • We believe in authentic and genuine personalised communication by way of Journeys that incorporate the concepts behind expert marketing whereby the company, business owner or sales rep is positioned as an expert in their industry or field.
  • We offer database management, segmentation and hosting.
  • A lead generation tool with outbound call centre integration to allow contacts to be dialled directly from the system.
  • A sales force tracking and leads management system.
  • A fully fledged marketing module that can plug into almost any third party technology system.
  • Full data capturing, data clean-up and reporting functionality.
  • Highly advanced and customisable web forms that can be used for a variety of purposes which can be inserted as pre-populated links inside any communication.
  • A viral marketing campaign management component to obtain referrals.
  • It is also fully fledged CRM tool, although it can also plug into an existing CRM system if required.
  • Majestic has appointments and task reminders, linked to automated comms.
  • Workflow and operational communication management.
  • Event invitation and communication management.
  • Cross-marketing Bridges can be created to allow businesses to ethically market to each other’s databases, with leads being automatically transferred between profiles.
  • A host of other plug-ins like Google Maps, a PDF writer to create quotes and contracts on the fly,
  • Mobile and social media compliant.
  • Etc…

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