Why buying a refurbished laptop is a sensible decision.

It is a good idea because it’s cheaper than buying new.

One might think that buying a refurbished laptop isn’t a good idea, because you are buying someone’s old and dysfunctional computer. This is not so: most laptops are bought by businesses, and then when their lease is up, they sell their laptops to refurbishing companies.

They clean them up, add software, test them, and now you have a refurbished laptop with good specifications and more speed, for less than buying new. You’re basically getting a two- or three-year-old computer that’s been taken care of by an IT guy.

Refurbished laptops come with a guarantee – the same as new ones. They are basically like a new laptop.

A brand new computer can run for about 7 or 8 years and have an expected failure rate. If it has never been serviced, there is a chance that it might crash. However, if a pre-owned laptop has been serviced & upgraded, it is probably in better condition than a new computer.

The only disadvantage of refurbished computers is that they might come with a few scratches or dents, but by paying about 20% to 80% less than a new computer, it really isn’t such a big deal, as the system is in perfect working condition.

Some people say, you get what you pay for but in this case,  it really is worth it.



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