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Admin Assistance

Do you need admin assistance? You have senior managerial responsibility for making things run smoothly in your busy work life. We know that there are so many activities and tasks that you need to do, and many of them seem perfectly achievable, without needing additional help. I am sure you are saying, “Why must I spend money on admin assistance when I know how to use a computer and can do it myself?”

Most of these tasks may only take only a few minutes, but when you add them up, they take up hours.

How many hours are you spending on doing your social media and marketing strategies, when you could be getting on with your ‘proper’ job?

Despite the fact that you may be perfectly capable of doing these tasks, you may even enjoy them. At some point you have to ask whether your time is better spent on other responsibilities.

Even if you can do all the administrative work yourself, why should you? You need admin assistance services.

What if you are not the most tech-savvy person? We can even train you on your computer.

Wouldn’t you want a service that would revolutionise your life for the better?


Virtual Admin Assistance

Brains at Work are like your own Admin Assistant, only we work remotely, either on a contract or freelance basis. That is why we call ourselves virtual admin assistants. We work from home, or on a part-time, or on a flexible basis.

In the meantime, you’re bogged down booking hotel rooms, scheduling meetings, ordering stationery and going through your emails.

The idea of virtual assistants (VA’s) in South Africa is still fairly new, although it’s not a new concept in the UK and USA.  In South Africa we have some of the hardest working professionals around, and your business will benefit by utilising our virtual assistants (on a part-time basis, work from home, and with flexibility).

With Brains at Work, you get a dedicated personal admin assistant who can help with your daily tasks, and with numerous other tasks and responsibilities, if and when you need us.

It costs you less per hour to outsource the work.

So, what are you waiting for?

What are can we help you with this week?







The key is in not spending time, but in investing in it. ~ Stephen R. Covey

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