Brains At Work delivers business applications for small and medium size companies . We focus on providing assistince and teaching SME’s to improve their communication with their existing clients and prospects. This not only increases conversion rates but also ensures resales, cross selling, up selling and referrals in a completely natural, personal and authentic way, whilst automating as many of the day to day mundane tasks as possible.


Why Brains
At Work


Brains At Work is Cloud Software company that provides consulting services and software that will enable you to:


Take Control of Your Business


Successful companies know the value of having visibility and control over their business. Brains at Work software will enables you to drive growth, manage costs, and be productive.


Play to Your Strengths


Every business is unique. Play to your strengths by doing what works best for your company. Brains At Work will tailor your software to fit your exact needs, no matter how specific your requirements.


Empower Your People


Your business isn’t confined to four walls. Why should the people that impact your business be? Brains At Work software  goes wherever your people go: Anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

What Our Customers Say

Valverde Country Hotel

Majestic is an excellent value for money CRM system that is a huge help in systemizing a sales process, tracking your numbers, get reports and check on what the sales tool is doing. Fantastic for segmenting your list and keeping in touch with customers through targeted journeys. For a high tech, high touch solution and combined with dedicated staff, it really adds the wow to the customer interaction and makes staff much more efficient and happier.


DC Diagnostics

First name




The majestic tool has been an excellent communication platform that has kept us connected to our clients, even when we cant see or call them. The journey system is an awesome process as it allows you to build the system and let it run automatically – It has also been a great place to store our clients details “at our fingertips – online” as well as keep a history of our dealings with them – an invaluable tool for any business

Rent2Buy / Mobile2Budget
I looked for a long time to find a tool that is useful to communicate with my customers and the Majestic process was the perfect answer



Brains At Work was founded in January 2015. Offering technology aimed at increasing productivity and efficiently while increasing our client ROI is what we do. Our vision is to provide a seamless implementation of our software as well as integration services that wont brake the bank while saving our clients loads of time and money.


We have partnered with various entities and are proud to have companies such as  as our partner.